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October 11th-October 13th 2019

Join Evidential/Trance Medium Brandie Chrisman and Evidential Medium/Animal Communicator Cindy Kay Jones for a weekend of intensive training in Mediumship and an introduction to Animal Communication. Each with their own unique style, Brandie and Cindy will take you through lectures and exercises that broaden, deepen, and connect you to your amazing potential with the Spirit World.

Each day has a detailed itinerary. Mornings begin with meditation and evenings hold special workshops or the option to explore the grounds and rest.

This is for intermediate to advancing students. (Meaning that you have a good understanding of how to build your power with the spirit world and the mechanics of mediumship)

Read more about the location, your tutors, your chef, and pricing below.


Ziegenhaus Rustic Luxury Estate at Creekwoods Farm

Located in Catoosa, Oklahoma (30mins east of Tulsa, OK) this rustic estate is modern and spacious.

Built in 2018 with 4000SF, 10 beds, 5 separate sleeping rooms. Memory foam beds and soft comforters 

(Note: You will be in a dorm like situation with others. Male and Female students will be in separate areas for maximum privacy)


Brandie Chrisman

Brandie Chrisman has been pursuing her connection to the Spirit World for roughly thirteen years, and working as an Evidential Medium for nearly a decade. Working along side and learning from some of the best Mediums in the World, Brandie has penchant for understanding how to bridge the gap between the two worlds. 

She uses her straight forward and passionate approach to help others discover their own connection to the Spirit World. She has taught hundreds of students how to embrace their natural calling and commit themselves to the discipline it requires to truly communicate with the Spirit World. 

Believing that we are never finished learning, Brandie continues her education at the Arthur Findlay College (soon to return for her sixth course) in the UK and by fellow mediums that show the integrity of  mediumship. 


Cindy Kay Jones

Cindy Kay Jones is an accomplished Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Writer, and Speaker, known for her compassion and uplifting presence. She facilitates Mediumship and Animal Communication workshops throughout the United States and has herself achieved Diplomas in this field. She has also received international training at the Arthur Findlay College in England. 

She utilizes her mediumnistic and intuitive gifts to help people and pets in the fascinating world of Spirit. She lectures throughout the United States promoting Energetic Wellness Techniques and encouraging others to awaken their telepathic abilities. Her written articles, about the Spirit World, have been published in the Ozark Research Institute Journal. Cindy has had the great honor to work in Asia presenting Meditation and Psychic Workshops in Shanghai, China. Cindy has also been selected to present her workshop “The Alchemy of Acutonics: Vibrational Wellness for our Animal Friends at renowned Spiritualist Community Lily Dale Assembly, in Lily Dale, NY. Cindy has just released her latest meditation entitled “Reuniting With Your Pet In Spirit.”

 Cindy constantly strives to push the boundaries of her work with Spirit, wanting each communication to be meaningful and prove that beyond this physical work awaits the eternal world of Spirit.


Courtenay Olivarez with “1 More Bite”

At 1 More Bite, we are committed to making delicious foods from wholesome, clean ingredients. We offer a large selection of baked treats, as well as a variety of vegan meats, cheeses, condiments, and ready to eat meals. All our items are made from scratch, with our own recipes, using innovative techniques and methods that take vegan food to the next level. We source as many items as possible from local farmers and vendors. We use only natural, real, and organic (when available) ingredients. We’re committed to being as earth friendly as possible, so we recycle, compost, and conserve. We’re proud to be part of Oklahoma’s thriving local food movement and committed to supporting and growing the local economy. We buy local and hope you will as well! 1 More Bite is really, delicious (vegan) food!



Pricing for the retreat includes everything you will need for the weekend:

  1. Food- as you have probably read we have a fabulous chef with us for the weekend! She is providing all our meals, snacks and beverages!

  2. Staying at the Lodge- your room is included in the cost. It is set up that most students will have to share rooms. Don’t let this discourage you. Arthur Findlay College is also set up like this and it actually helps us makes the most of a beautiful experience. Rooms are spacious and you can follow the link to see more pictures.

  3. Materials- all materials for the retreat will be given to you upon arrival at check-in. (You’ll receive a welcome email one week prior to the weekend with check in time and exact address of the estate.)

  4. Payment options- The entire retreat costs $375. We have two payment plans ready for your convenience. $150 of your payment is a non-refundable deposit.